About Kelly

Kelly is Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner and former Emergency Room Nurse. She attended college for her AAS in Nursing at a rural Southeast Missouri College before moving to her home state of Florida and pursuing her Bachelor Degree online. She completed Graduate School in Fall 2019 with a Family Nurse Practitioner focus. Kelly began her nursing career as a Certified Nurses Aide during high school and worked as a CNA until she graduated from nursing school. From there, she worked several Med/Tele units in Missouri and Central Florida. She transitioned to the Emergency Department on the day of the tragic Pulse Nightclub Shooting and has never looked back.

Kelly is mom to a little man with world-renowned dimples and is married to a Firefighter/Paramedic. Their house gets interesting but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She prides herself on her meme collection and ability to laugh even when things get crazy. She loves working out, traveling, and anything that involves being in the sunshine.

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